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Halaqa Fellowship Program

We are a team of four people, two of us are full-time members and the others are part-time members, we work together to develop Halaqa and ensure the sustainability of the project. In our environment, it is difficult to find funding. We have tried several methods for many years - since 2014 - and each time we have not been able to find funding, and each time we returned and started to develop the project even more to increase our chances of getting support without compromising our vision: a framework for developing applications to strengthen faith in the world and bring different cultures closer together ...

Inspired by the Django Fellowship Program, we developed Halaqa Fellowship Program to encourage religious leaders, religious institutions and investors to be our partners in realizing this vision.

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Partner Leader

He is in charge of the spiritual leadership, education and administration of his Halaqa. He is solely responsible for providing the content for Halaqa and communicating with members of Halaqa. 

Partner Investor

He finances the one-time setup fee of Halaqa and the monthly subscription fee. He benefits from 20% of the E-learning revenues, the branding of his logo and he receives a monthly report explaining the revenues and the traffic of Halaqa...

Invention Academy

Invention Academy develops Halaqa, ensures the technical management, the security and permanent maintenance services. It also provides training and consulting. Here is a detailed list of services offered by Invention Academy.

 Why Should You be a Member of the Fellowship? 

As a member of Halaqa Fellowship Program, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition for your support presented by the Invention Academy Board of Directors, in addition to the following privileges:

Halaqa Partner Leader



You will perform your role more effectively with the help of Artificial Intelligence, you will benefit from the great ability of collecting information, analysis and you will get the insights you need to make better decisions.


You will help more people grow in faith, receive spiritual healing, and achieve the positive change which will make their lives better.


Halaqa enables you to achieve greater goals with less efforts, you will not strain your body and brain and by taking advantage of Halaqa's cash flow tools, you will ensure the sustainability of your spiritual services.

Halaqa Partner Investor

Add a great slogan.


As a testimony of your support, your brand will be visible to Halaqa audience, it will be displayed in pages of Halaqa, in messages and in certificates delivered to students.


You will receive 20% of revenues from Halaqa's educational activities, the more students there are, the higher your profits will be.

Changing the World

As a member of Halaqa Fellowship Program, you are supporting our efforts to develop advanced technologies to strengthen faith in the world and bring civilizations closer together.

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Provide education and spiritual support to your people using the most suitable methods for their ages, interests and cultures. Always keep them in touch with you and give them spiritual guidance and counseling. Your sphere of spiritual impact will be greater with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which will assist you to better serve your people. 

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Become Partner Investor

Support our Efforts

When you support Halaqa, you participate in promoting the spiritual growth of people around the world and in development of technologies which boost spiritual impact and overcome obstacles of distance, culture and limitation of human factor.

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Fellowship to Support Halaqa Vision 

There are 90 Halaqas available with Moroccan domain names for Jewish and Christian communities. The religious leader/religious institution can use Halaqa for education and management of social and spiritual services and activities . The religious leader chooses the features of Halaqa he needs, then we develop and personalize the Halaq Framework to suit the nature of his spiritual activities, we provide also training and consulting as well as other services.

The revenues from the Halaqa educational activities are distributed to the religious leader/religious institution and the investor with a percentage of 80% for the religious leader/religious institution and 20% for the investor who covers the one-time fee for setting up Halaqa and the monthly subscription costs.

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