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People are more connected than ever, it's time to boost faith in the world.
We make technology serves the servants of God.

Halaqa Framework 

We started developing Halaqa in 2014 as a fork of Odoo Framework, we improved its speed by rewriting parts of the code into C/C++ and Cython as well as adding new capabilities to perform Artificial Intelligence tasks such as Machine learning, Deep learning and Natural language Processing.

Halaqa supports two User Interfaces: GUI and VUI, in addition to RPC and Rest APIs, RUI is a type of VUI when we connect Halaqa to a robot. Halaqa comes with a set of customizable modules and templates to manage religious activities and institutions.

We use Halaqa Framework to offer free Custom SaaS services to religious leaders and institutions.

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Invention Academy

The Seven Goals

We are constantly developing Halaqa and adding new features to achieve the following goals:


Strengthening faith of believers in the world and promoting culture of coexistence and peace.


Providing Data Science tools to help religious leaders effectively offer spiritual counseling to believers.


To make Halaqa an E-learning platform which stimulates students through gamification and Artificial Intelligence.


Allow Halaqa members to share knowledge and communicate with each other in groups, via channels, blogs, forums,...


Capability to communicate with anyone through his  computer, mobile phone, smart speaker, car, robot ... 


Providing religious leaders and religious institutions with cash flow tools to ensure the growth of their services.  


Keeping religious services active and available all time without interruption using Artificial Intelligence and automation.  


Stay Connected with Halaqa from Anywhere


Connect with Halaqa from your car, PC, smartphone, tablet,... 


Speak with Halaqa through voice based assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo,...


Interact with Halaqa Robot User Interface, get insights through voice and gesture.


Chat with Halaqa through commonly used messaging channels...

Spiritual Counseling Manager

Spiritual counseling is often more effective than psychotherapy if the patient is suffering from results of his deviation from the straight spiritual path.

The Spiritual Counseling Manager (SCM) is part of Halaqa Core as a module and agent.

The SCM supports customizable templates which can be tailored to the specificity of a religious institution and the nature of a spiritual service.

SCM templates design and process are inspired by the methodology of the Handbook on Counseling Youth written by Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler.

List of SCM templates:

Invention Academy


  • Solitude

  • Anxiety and worry

  • Guilt

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Unhealthy Self-Esteem

  • Confronting death

  • Grief

  • Suicide


  • Overprotective parents

  • Inattentive parents

  • Parents of different religion

  • Divorced Parents

  • Single-parent family

  • Dealing with step-parents and blended families

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Rebellion

  • Attempts to run away and threats

Sexual Life

  • Lust

  • Masturbation

  • Pornography

  • Premarital sex

  • Unplanned pregnancy

  • Abortion

  • Homosexuality

  • Sexual Transmitted Diseases


  • Love

  • Dating

  • Finding the right marriage partner

  • Managing peer pressure

  • Coping with rejection and peer persecution


  • Sexual Abuse

  • Nonsexual Abuse

  • Raper


  • Alcohol abuse

  • Drug abuse

  • Gambling


  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Anorexia Nervosa

  • Bulimia

Health and Body

  • Living with Deformity or Disability

  • Dealing with long-term illness

  • Overweight

Job and Career

  • Knowing the will of God

  • Choosing a college

  • Choosing a career


  • Dropping out of school

  • Underachievement and Overachievement


  • Converting to a different religion

  • Persecution



Halaqa is built upon a Model-View/Voice-Controller (MVC) architecture where PostgreSQL tables are used as Model, Views are defined in XML/JSON files and objects of Halaqa are used as Controller. Halaqa also supports VUI (Voice User Interface) to communicate with devices like smartphones, smart speakers,... 


Object Relational Mapping

Halaqa has a well-structured ORM (Object Relational Mapping) which acts as a bridge between Python and PostgreSQL. The programmer can execute SQL operations using the OOP concepts like classes and objects to interact with database without writing SQL queries.


Artificial Intelligence

Halaqa supports the most widely used statistical and Machine Learning algorithms to perform classification, regression, Deep Learning, Frequent Itemset Mining, clustering and Topic Modeling. Halaqa also comes with NLU and Dialog Manager supported by SpaCy, TensorFlow and Sci-kit Learn.

Halaqa Architecture

Halaqa follows Four-tier architecture:

 Invention Academy

Halaqa SaaS Management

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep your Halaqa up and running. Every server needs tens hours of management tasks every month. We monitor your Halaqa servers for vulnerabilities, limit exposure, and patch your Halaqa servers regularly. We identify issues and unexpected problems in the performance of your Halaqa servers and fix them before they affect your activities and productivity... 

Our Halaqa SaaS Management services include:

Invention Academy

      Server Administration 

      • Application Management

      • Database Management

      • System Management

      • Backup and Restore

      Security Vulnerability Assessment

      • Server Hardening 

      • Penetration Testing

      • Vulnerability Assessments

      • Security Audit & Analysis

      Analysis Report

      • Server Administration Report

      • Security and Vulnerability Assessments Report

      • Disaster Planning Report

      • Proactive Server Maintenance Report

      • Recommendations

      Server Monitoring

      • CPU/GPU/RAM/Disk Monitoring

      • Filesystem monitoring

      • Database monitoring

      • Applications Monitoring

      • Intrusion Monitoring

      • Event Log Monitoring

      Disaster Planning 

      • Disaster and Recovery Plan

      • Periodic Restore Tests

      • Full Server Image Backup

      • File Level Only Backup

      • Offsite Backup Solution

      • Disaster Recovery Audit

      Proactive Server Maintenance  

      • Performance Audits

      • Server Patches and Updates


      Our consulting services enhance your management strategies and leadership skills, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution activities, improve the management of human and financial resources, boost the productivity of your institution to reach new levels of performance in spreading your message and achieving your goals and objectives and help your institution prepare and anticipate for a positive future.

      Our Consulting services include:

      Invention Academy

      Consulting & Futuring 

      • Data Analytics

      • Digital Management of institution Operations

      • Strategic coalitions

      • New Technology Solutions

      • Futuring

      Creative Management 

      • Strategic Planning

      • HR Management

      • Financial Management

      • Monitoring and evaluation

      • Strategic Communication

      Innovative Tools & Methodologies 

      • Strategic Management

      • Innovative PM Methodologies

      • Effective advocacy

      Smart Technologies 

      • Simplifying IT infrastructure

      • Modernizing operating model

      • Securing IT infrastructure

      Training Package

      Our training package includes 4 services: The on-boarding of your new volunteers and employees, software training to quickly master new software applications, leadership training to help your leaders and managers effectively manage their groups, and risk management training to overcome any crisis or risk exposure scenario your institution may face.

      Our Team Training services include:

      Invention Academy
      • Volunteers & Employees Onboarding

      • Leadership Training

      • Software Training

      • Risk Management Training


      Our branding services empower your Institution digital presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increase in followers. With SEO and social media advertising services, we ensure you higher ranking and more visitors. Email marketing helps your institution get higher engagement with key supporters, increase the level of participation among volunteers, and more generous giving from donors. With content marketing, we help you attract more supporters to your institution cause and build strong relationships with your audience.

      Our Branding services include:

      Invention Academy

      Digital Presence Management   

      • Increase Your Halaqa Traffic

      • Attract more Followers

      • Attract more daily activities

      Search Engine Optimization  

      • Higher Ranking Results

      • Quality Halaqa Traffic

      • Measurable Results

      Email Marketing  

      • Raise money with targeted fundraising

      • Engage with your audience regularly

      • Real-time feedback

      Content Marketing 

      • Target your audience

      • Increase engagement

      • Drive more traffic

      Social Media Advertising

      • Get faster results

      • Advertise to your exact audience

      Institution & Personal Branding 

      • Increase trust  & credibility

      • Attract more supporters

      • Easy to fund new projects

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