With our extensive experience in achieving results for our clients, Invention Academy provides comprehensive patent services ranging from patent consulting to patent licensing and PCT filing to ensure the success of your business.

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What Benefits Will You Bring to Your Business ?

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Increase your profit margins

Exclude competing products and set your profit margins at a high enough level to make your R&D investment profitable. 

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Control your deployment strategy

Get the market security you need to develop a more effective long-term marketing, sales and deployment strategy for your technology.

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Earn royalties from licensing

Licensing your patented technologies will allow you to earn lucrative revenues from royalties for many years without any risks.

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Expand to multiple market

 By patenting your technology, you can generate additional revenue by expanding to multiple markets, geographically or by industry sector.

Making the  Success of your  Business a Reality

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Invention licensing

As an experienced IP player, Invention Academy helps you structure and optimize your IP portfolio, by identifying the right assets to license and monetize. We help you find the best possible licensees for your patent portfolio and generate lucrative incomes from royalties. 

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Patent Consulting

We are committed to providing comprehensive patent consulting services, including patent analysis, technology analysis and market analysis to help you understand the key challenges facing your business and enable you maximize your business potential.

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PCT Filing

Through our extensive global network of patent experts, benefit from a streamlined solution for PCT and national phase filing that covers many countries around the world, reduces costs, ensures quality and provides greater transparency and accountability. 

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Countries We Cover in PCT National Phase

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