R&D Institutions

At Invention Academy, we assist technology transfer professionals in the R&D institutions throughout the process of protecting their intellectual properties and licensing them to right industries and advise them on the profitable direction where to focus their R&D efforts.

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What Benefits Will You Bring to Your R&D Institution ?

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Additional funding for on going R&D

Through patenting & the licensing of researches and discoveries, R&D institutions protect their IPs and gain additional funding. 

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Attract more industrial investments  

Patenting & licensing the practical innovations and discoveries amplifies the impact of R&D institutions and attracts industrial investment.

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Benefit from Long-term Protection  

Patenting R&D institutions discoveries helps them protect their IPs for long time and prevent competition in the same technological field.

Increasing the Prestige of R&D Institutions  

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Invention licensing

At Invention Academy, our patent experts help R&D institutions easily transfer technology, monetize their patents and increase their revenues by effectively mapping patents from R&D institutions to the right technology companies and ensuring profitable royalty revenues.

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Patent Consulting

As experts in the IP market, we are well equipped to consult researchers & technology transfer professionals in R&D institutions in market analysis, technology analysis and patent analysis to orient their researches in the right direction and focus in the patents that can be profitable for them.

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PCT Filing

Protect your patent internationally through PCT filing & benefit from a global network of patent experts covering many countries around the world with a central point of contact for all your applications worldwide, reduce costs & accelerate the national phase in the countries you are interested in. 

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Countries We Cover in PCT National Phase

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