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Our Invention 101 Certification Course include

Invention Academy

Personal Mentor

You will be accompanied in all your journey in this course with an expert mentor who will guide you and advise you in all the steps of your study, and help you overcome all the challenges.

Invention Academy

Real-world project

In this course, you will deal with real patent belonging to NASA, you will learn how to study and analyze the patent and create your own patent ready to file.

Invention Academy

Case studies

In every unit in the course, you will explore case studies, with practical examples and quizzes to test your understanding and retention to evaluate your progress in the course.

Invention 101 Content
What you will learn from this course

Through this unity, you will explore the infinite creative capacities of your mind and how you can unleash the full potential of this marvelous power. We will provide you with a powerful toolkit to help you generate inventive and creative ideas outside the box and stimulate all the hidden abilities of your mind. You will learn how to test and evaluate your ideas in terms of economic feasibility and patentability. All these skills, knowledge and tools will help in obtaining your golden idea which you can protect with a patent and benefit from. 

  • How to think like an inventor?

  • The creative capabilities of the mind

  • The Inventor Toolkit

  • Torrance test

  • Creative thinking process

  • Economic feasibility test

  • Patentability test

  • The next step: Protect your idea

This section will introduce you to the importance of the invention for economic and technological development and the fundamental role of the inventor in the economic growth. You will discover the power of patents in creating wealth, controlling and monopolizing the target market and reducing the effectiveness of competition.

  • Why you must be an inventor?

  • Inventing is your way to wealth

  • Protect your work with patents

  • Control the market with patents

In this unit, you will be introduced to the patent and you will know why it is so important to you? You will learn the basic criteria which must be satisfied in your invention to be eligible for a patent and what are the different categories of subjects which are generally patented in order to transform your ideas into inventions and benefit from them. You will also discover the different types of patents of addition in order to make improvements or add modifications to your patent.

  • What is a patent application?

  • Benefits of having a patent

  • The fundamental criteria of patentability

  • Subjects eligible for patentability 

  • Intellectual property: an overview

  • Patents of addition

We will dig into the details of discovering the environment surrounding your invention by conducting a patentability search to find out how powerful your invention is and how eligible it is to be patented. You will learn the techniques to study the patent landscape of your invention domain, and explore your competitive inventions and discover the leading companies in your area of interest which can be your potential target to promote your future patent. You will have an overview of the technology analysis and how to use its techniques to study the dominant technologies in your field of interest, you will also explore the strengths and weaknesses in the technological field of your invention and how you can use it to develop ideas and inventions that may be of interest to leading companies in this field. In this unit, you will be introduced to market analysis as a method of identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding your invention and discovering the most competitive companies in the field and how you can take advantage of them and target them with your inventions.

  • Patentability search

  • Patent landscape analysis techniques

  • Technology analysis techniques

  • Market analysis mechanisms

This will introduce you to the claim and how important it is for protecting your invention. In this section, you will learn about different sets of claims and how to write your claims in the most appropriate and efficient way to extend the scope of protection afforded by your patent. You will also explore different types of claims and will outline the best strategy to follow in writing your claims in compliance with your specifications and drawings and to protect your invention from other similar inventions.

  • What is a claim?

  • Drafting claims: Form, technical requirements and sets

  • Claims types

  • Strategy of claims drafting

In this unit, you will explore in detail the different steps in the process of filing a national patent application, we will discuss the preparation of the patent application and explain the details of drafting each part of the patent application as well as giving advice and recommendations on the best methods to draft your patent in a professional way. Next, we will define what patent filing is and explore the different steps in this process and considerations related to fees and costs. You will learn how to deal with the patent office where you filed your patent and how to respond to the actions of the patent office as well as providing advice and recommendations to avoid unwanted problems and speed up the granting of the patent.

  • Steps and parts of patent application preparation

  • Requirements and general standards of drawings

  • Patent filing nationally

  • Fees and costs of patent filing

  • Beyond patent filing: dealing with the patent office

  • Patent issuance

You will discover the different options available to you for international patenting of your invention. We will introduce you to PCT and outline in detail the advantages it offers over other alternatives. We will discuss details of how to file your patent application under PCT in the international and national phases and how to proceed at each stage as well as providing advice and recommendations. You will also learn how to choose the International Searching Authority to obtain your international search report... We will discuss other international filing channels such as the EPO or filing in each country separately.

  • International Patent filing options

  • What is PCT?

  • Steps of PCT application: International and national phase

  • Other international filing channels

During this unit, we will discuss different options available to you for benefiting from your invention and making a profit. We will explore in detail different stages of the licensing process, from identifying potential licensees to concluding the license agreement, including the negotiation stage and explaining most effective negotiation methods to obtain high royalty rates and choose the most appropriate royalty option based on the category of your invention.

  • Different ways to benefit from your invention

  • Invention licensing

  • Steps of the licensing process

  • The fundamental elements of a licensing agreement

In this project, you will analyze the NASA patent application related to the robot Valkyrie, you will apply the skills you gained during this course to this patent.

Prior Art study:

We will study the prior existing scientific and technical information about the robot by identifying the new technological developments in the domain of the humanoid robot.

Specifications study:

You will explore the detailed descriptions and specification of the Valkyrie robot in order to understand the operation of the different parts of the robot and how they are interconnected. This stage will hep us in the claims analysis.

Claims analysis:

In this phase, we will investigate all the claims of the patent and analyze them to uncover the scope of protection they offer to the Valkyrie robot and discover the points of strength and weakness inside the patent.

Analysis of the Valkyrie technology 

We will uncover and analyze the different technologies used in the design of the robot parts and explore the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.

Developing the Valkyrie robot idea

During this stage, we will introduce innovations to the Valkyrie robot idea and add new features to develop his capabilities and provide him with new functionalities.

Drafting a new patent application

You will draft a new patent application based on the developments and new functionalities and features you have developed for the robot Valkyrie with new claims different from the claims of the first Valkyrie robot patent accompanied with new specifications and new drawings.

  • Prior Art study of Valkyrie robot

  • Specifications study of Valkyrie robot

  • Claims analysis of Valkyrie robot

  • Analysis of the Valkyrie technology 

  • Developing the Valkyrie robot idea

  • Drafting a new patent application

Learning Outcomes

 By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the IP.

  • Discover the infinite creative capabilities of your mind.

  • Learn how to unleash the powerful creative power of your mind.

  • Master the skills and tools to generate inventive and innovative ideas out of the box.

  • Learn how to succeed in the Torrance Test.

  • Master the skills of searching in different patent databases.

  • Learn the techniques of searching in NPL.

  • Understand and define the scope of an invention domain.

  • Discover the different types of patent information.

  • Master the techniques of Competitor Monitoring.

  • Master the techniques of Benchmarking.

  • Master the techniques of Root cause analysis.

  • Understand the Market Size of a specific invention domain.

  • Understand and define the Market Trend of a specific invention domain.

  • Identify the Market Growth Rate.

  • Understand the Market Segmentation.

  • Learn the general standards of Patent Drawing.

  • Be familiar with the different steps in the National Patent Filing Process

  • Be familiar with the different steps in the International Patent Filing Process

  • Master the techniques of Claims Drafting.

  • Master the techniques of Patent Drafting 

  • Understand the steps of Patent Drafting

  • Learn how to file your patent under the PCT.

  • Learn how to file your patent under the EPO.

  • Learn how to file your patent under the Paris Convention.

  • Learn how to deal and respond to the Patent Office actions.

  • Discover the different types of Patent Systems in the countries you want to file in.

  • Master the skill of finding prospect licensees for your invention.

  • Master the art of negotiation with your licensees.

  • Learn the essentials parts of a Licensing Agreement.

  • Explore the various types of Royalties and what is the best suitable for you.

  • Learn about the different types of Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your invention.

  • Explore the different technologies used by NASA Valkyrie Robot.

  • Master the skills and the techniques to innovate NASA Valkyrie Robot.

About Invention 101

Invention 101 Certification

Each year, more than 180 billion US dollars are generated by patents. The patent sector is a very profitable market where you can transform your ideas into a profitable source of income. In this course, you will have the opportunity to uncover the secrets of the world of invention and the techniques used by professional inventors to invent new products and innovate existing ones.

You will master the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to unleash the powerful creative abilities of your mind and generate inventive and innovative ideas. You will learn how to evaluate these ideas and choose the economically feasible ones which meet the criteria for patentability. Throughout your journey in this course, we will teach you how to protect your gold idea with a patent and turn it into a lucrative source of income. You will be introduced to NASA patents and you will study and analyze a real NASA patent and put into practice all the skills and knowledge you have acquired in this course. So, at the end, you will have your own patent from NASA's patent.

In this comprehensive course, we will leave no stone unturned! You will undertake all the steps of taking your invention from the state of an idea to an actual patent, you will explore all the steps from patentability search, patent analysis, technology analysis and market analysis in order to study your invention environment, your competitors, your future licensees to the practical phase of drafting your patent. You will also discover in detail all the steps of filing your patent at the national and international level with all the options you may have depending on your situation until your patent is granted.

Our journey does not end there, we will learn step by step how to invest your patent by revealing all the options available to you, whether it is to license your patent, sell it or manufacture it with practical examples and case studies. You will learn how to negotiate your royalties for the license agreement and how to choose the most appropriate and profitable options for you.

This course will teach you how to become a successful inventor in your domain of interest in the practical way, with examples, case studies and projects, you will evaluate your understanding and your new skills using quizzes and assignments to ensure you are on the right track.

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