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The characteristic is the representation of a set of measurable elements such as the knowledge acquired by the student, the experience and habits acquired through the activities, tasks and projects of the training packages. Each characteristic is related to successfully completing one or more packages, afterwards the student receives a badge symbolizing this characteristic.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy

Creative Thinker

He/she is a person capable of thinking outside the box, he/she can look at problems and situations from a new and different perspective and provide creative and unorthodox solutions.

Invention Academy


He/she is a person who can design, develop and implement solutions to meet the needs of a particular problem or situation in the context of the available technology and technique.

Invention Academy

Scientific Mind

He/she is a person with the ability to interact with the various situations of daily life by adopting a scientific methodology based on observation, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and confirmation.  

Invention Academy


He/she is a person capable of inventing new, useful and non-obvious solutions to a technical problem which he/she can patent and financially benefit from.

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The activities are a set of works supporting the student's educational development. The aim of all activities is to improve the student's understanding and develop his/her skills and effectiveness in a specific domain. Activities are core elements in the active learning which foster the student's positive participation in the learning process.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy


Reward is one of the important tools of motivation and gamification in the learning process adopted in our curricula, the student earns rewards as he/she progresses in the acquisition of new skills. Characteristics and badges are some types of rewards, but grading is a measurement tool.

Invention 101

Learn the skills, knowledge and tools you need to become a professional and creative inventor. 

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