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3D Design

You can make your idea visual!

You want to know if your idea or your invention can turn into a real product ? Or, you are looking to market your new invention to companies without the need for expensive engineering and prototyping services. The 3D design technology is the right answer for you.

What is 3D Design?

3D Design is an essential phase in the process of developing your invention from an idea to a 3D virtual prototype

3D Design

With the 3D technology, we can turn your invention into a 3D virtual prototype. Your idea or invention can become a real 3D product. We will work with you to transform your concept, from descriptions or drawings into a 3D product.

We provide state of the art design services, we are focused to bring your concept into reality with the use of leading edge 3D modeling technology.


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How can my invention benefit from your 3D design services ?


Whether you need a design for proof of concept or you are interested in making a 3D virtual prototype for demonstration in front of your potential funders, we are here to help you succeed:

Time saving

We assist you to bring your concept to reality in short time.

Cost Effectiveness

Having a 3D virtual prototype to show, will prevent you  from the expensive prototyping and engineering services.

Proof of concept

Making a working 3D model of your invention is a proof that your invention can be turned into a real product.

Exhibition opportunities

Now, you have the possibility to participate in invention salons and tech exhibitions to show your invention to potential future funders.

Turn your invention into a 3D virtual prototype!