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3D Printing

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For you as an inventor, the idea of your invention may be clear in your mind, others like potential investors, entrepreneurs and buyers may not always be able to understand and visualize the concept of your invention clearly. This is why a 3d printed model of your invention will be invaluable to convey how your invention works to others.

Does my invention need 3D printing ?

3D printing will help investors and entrepreneurs to understand and visualize the concept of your invention.

3D Printing  

Seeing your idea or your invention in a real model is a real joy. We offer you this opportunity to make your invention a real product. With the 3d printing service, you will receive a high quality 3D real model of your invention.

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What steps do you follow in your 3D prototyping process ?

There are steps we follow to develop your 3d prototype model:

We work with you to sketch the concept of your invention.

We use the descriptions and drawings you supplied to make a conceptual illustration of your invention.

After your approval of the illustration we made for your invention , we create a 3D CAD design of your invention.

Using the 3-D Printing technology, we construct your physical 3D model with high quality materials suitable to your invention concept.

What are the advantages of your services ?


Offering a 3-D printing service for your invention will help you to:

Generate more interest in your invention to potential investors, entrepreneurs and buyers.

Reduce cost of expensive prototyping and engineering services.

Provide a proof of concept for your invention and a real model of your invention.

Show your invention in exhibitions, expositions, salons…

Efficient way to market your invention if you plan to get into production and manufacturing.


Don’t miss this opportunity to make your invention a real product!