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About us

"To live without experiencing some shame and blushes of admiration

would surely be a wretched life"   (Gregor Mendel)

In the beginning was the invention

Invention Academy is a team of young people with multiple talents, we spent a long time working in the field, teaching and training youth to develop their creative skills and capabilities.

We deal everyday with the limited resources in an African country where education is poor and there is no support from government or the private sector. In these conditions, it’s difficult for an invention to find its way to market.

However, the Globalization and Internet made the impossible possible: In 2000, we found a non-profit organization to supervise young people and support inventors. But, the legal framework didn’t allow our organization to expand and we faced many obstacles... We decided to create a company: Invention Academy. We started to organize training sessions, help and advise youth…

With time, many inventors joined us from different countries: from Africa, Europe,Asia...We became an international network and our working and collaboration methodology became less dependent on offices and more dependent on the cloud and communication technologies…

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 Our objectives

We provide divers services to inventors with affordable prices suitable to their resources. Our services help the inventor to improve the quality of his inventions to empower him to launch his invention into the market. Our services include : Consulting, Engineering services and multiple design services ...

Our mission  

We make it our priority to improve the quality of invention around the world and specially in Africa. Here, the education level is very modest which impacts the technological level of the invention. So, we assist the inventor to improve the level of technology and to ensure his invention will have an economic utility.

 Our vision  

We believe in Human and in the power of education. The future is for the Artificial intelligence and renewable energies. Therefore, the inventions investing in the Artificial intelligence and renewable energies will have a great impact in the economy and in the society.

There will come a day when we will colonize other planets. So, it is no wonder that we invent for new environments different than Earth... It is the future!

Invention is always a technological step forward and a solution for today’s problems. We believe it is necessary to balance between inventing to meet today’s needs and inventing for the future.