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You have an idea or an invention and you want to know if you can file a patent application. Don’t worry! You come to the right place. We can help you to make the right decision.

Do I need a patentability opinion?

Of course! You need PO to know if your patent application will succeed or be rejected

Get a Patentability Opinion

Making a decision about filling a patent application is not an easy action to do. You need to assess the risks and identify your opportunities. We have the right tools and experience to assist you and make things more clear and easy for you.

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How can patentability searches help my invention?



Patentability searches of your invention will help you to:

Identify the current state of the art in a given field of technology and help you find where you can steer your innovation.

Let you know about the most relevant patents to your invention: Prior or pending patents.

Know the specific field of technology where you can classify your invention.

Identify whether your invention is patentable over the prior art and assist you to decide whether to file a patent application for your invention.

Clarify whether your invention infringes any existing patents and help you anticipate risks to reject your patent application.

Determine the numerical chance of successfully pursuing a patent application.

What process do you follow in your patentability search ?

 You will be involved in all our process steps, we will:

Work with you to understand the technical details of your invention.

Perform extensive research and analysis.

Issue a report and recommendations about the patentability of your invention.


What do I get once your patent searches are completed?

 Once the patent searches are completed, we will draft a report or opinion. This document may discuss:

Potential risks and opportunities for your patent application.

The likelihood of your invention’s patentability.

Which specific claims are most patentable.

Hurry! Increase your chances to get a patent.