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You are looking for potential investors, entrepreneurs for your invention or you want to reach the market... You need a marketing service for your invention to be sure your message and presentation will convey all the information needed to make a favorable decision toward your invention.

How can my invention benefit from Marketing?

Marketing will help you to find investors and entrepreneurs for your invention


Before starting a campaign for your invention, we will perform a feasibility study for your invention to study your target market, competition analysis and select the companies you should be contacting to sell your invention… We can help you create custom project presentations, prepare sales presentations and business plans for your invention to ensure more success for your campaign. We can also help you create a video marketing for your campaign as it is a unique tool to engage viewers on an interactive level.

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How and why should I begin a marketing campaign for my invention?

To know how and why to begin your marketing campaign you should contact us first and we will help you to do:

Feasibility study for your invention.

Business plan to engage with investors and entrepreneurs.

Designing brochures, flyers, business cards…

Creating project presentations, sales presentations...

Video marketing for your campaign or presentations.

Participation in trade shows, exhibitions, salons…

Social marketing campaign.

Crowdfunding campaign for your invention.

Designing website for your campaign.


What I will benefit from your services ?

With our services, you will benefit from:

Cost reduction

Time saving

One stop shop

Professionalism & quality


Do you need investors and entrepreneurs for your invention?