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Reaching the market is the purpose of any inventor. It is exciting to see your idea or invention come alive, but to achieve that, many obstacles arise in your way. To overcome them, you will need to make a working prototype of your invention with low cost, high quality design and efficiency. Prototyping is crucial if you want to implement and launch a successful product to the market or if you want to demonstrate for potential funding. We have all what you need to make your invention a real product.

What is Prototyping ?

Prototyping is an essential phase in the process of developing your invention from an idea to a physical product.


Prototyping is used in a wide range of different purposes like demonstrations and presentations... Prototyping can be helpful because it allows you to test your invention features, the user experience design before getting into production and get valuable feedback information to improve your invention.

Before making your prototype, we perform a feasibility study and a patent search for your invention. It is important that we make your product unique, attractive, targeting the right consumers, functional and user friendly.

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How can My invention benefit from the prototyping?

Proof of concept

Lets you test and demonstrate the feasibility of your invention.It allows you to verify if your invention's concept can functionally work properly or not.

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Demonstration & presentation

You can get a working prototype of your invention to show to your potential investors, entrepreneurs, or to present in an exhibition, exposition or salon.

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Testing model

The feedback and information you can gather from a prototype testing are essential in implementing and launching your final full-scale product.

What are the steps you follow to prototype my invention ?


Prototyping your invention will need specialists and talents that can cover many different areas of engineering design like:

Industrial design

3D design

Mechanical engineering

Electronics engineering

Embedded system engineering

Software engineering



After designing all the parts of your invention, they are assembled to create your working prototype. We perform tests in order to be sure that everything is working as expected before delivering your prototypes.

Let’s make a hight quality prototype of your invention with low cost!