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Technical Feasibility Study

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You plan to take your invention from the stage of an idea to a real product, but you are struggling with many hurdles and limitations. No matter what you are facing, we are here to assist you and make the steps easy for you.

Do I need a technical feasibility study ?

Of course! TFS can reduce the risk of rejecting your patent application

Technical Feasibility Study

Eventually, you will need technical help about your invention in the process of filling a patent application or beyond that if you are planning to make a real product. Don’t worry about that. We have the right solution for you.

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What are the benefits of doing a technical feasibility study ?

We will assist you by doing a technical feasibility study for your invention. This step is very important for your invention. We will help you to:

Determine if your invention is truly novel or if it may not qualify to be patented.

Know the specific field of technology within your invention falls under.

Ensure your invention does not infringe any existing patents or designs.

Identify the technologies involved in your invention and make sure that your invention can be manufactured using the current available technologies, and suggest you the right components suitable for your invention.


What do I get from the technical feasibility study ? 

In the process of doing the technical assessment of your invention, we will provide you with:

Technical review:

Identifies all the technical aspects of your invention.

Statement of feasibility:

Includes a detailed study of the technical feasibility of your invention, determines the suitable components for your invention and specifies the availability of manufacturing technologies to make your invention a real product.

Technical terminology:

A document describing the technical features of your invention and its most relevant benefits.


What are the benefits of doing a feasibility study for your invention ?  

The benefits of a feasibility study are multiple: 

The technical review will help you in the process of filling your patent application. It will give you more confidence about the success of your application.

Cost effectiveness and time saving if you plan to take your invention to the market. You will know all the steps to follow in order to make your invention a real product.

Short time to manufacture your invention as you have a feasibility study with all the details to prototype and manufacture your invention.

Give you more value if you are looking for funding for your invention.


Reduce the risk of rejecting your patent application!