Patent Analysis

Get a comprehensive snapshot of patenting activity related to your patent to guide your R&D decisions and ensure competitiveness within your technology field.

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Smart Patent-based Decision Making

Understand your patent environment, discover new opportunities, target R&D investment strategies, identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses and find potential licensing opportunities.

Get the Big Picture of your Patent Landscape

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Market Intelligence

Get a clear understanding of your business environment, understand your competitors and benefit from market insights.

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Risk Assessment

Identify your patent assets risks to ensure you have the most valuable IP assets with you.

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Opportunity Identification

Discover potential collaborators, new markets, acquisition targets & competitors and uncover all paths around your technology sector.

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Competitive Review & Benchmarking

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your patent assets, adapt to your strengths and take advantage of competitors' weaknesses.

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Technology Overview

Get a clear vision about your technology landscape, your competition and future trends and make the right decision with confidence.

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Accelerate Innovation

Get an accurate and comprehensive picture of the patent landscape to accelerate innovation and stay competitive.

Experts in Patent  Search, Data Collection & Interpretation 

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Skilled Patent Experts  

With a highly experienced team of patent professionals, we ensure you have the right expertise at your disposal to help you in your business.

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Customized Solutions     

Our solutions are designed to match your needs and provide you with the right insight to make informed strategic decisions.

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Reliable & Accurate Results 

Working with us is an added value to your business strategic planning.  We turn your collected data into actionable insights.

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Confidentiality by Default

Your confidentiality is our first priority, we engage to maintain all communications with you secure and confidential.

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