PCT Filing

Extend the protection of your patent assets in many countries with a single application. 

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PCT National Phase Made Easy

We streamline the process of your international application smoothly and quickly all over the countries of your interest.

Get Your Invention Protected Worldwide! 

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Exclusive Rights Internationally

Protect your patent at international level and secure your position and monopoly in the market.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Strong Market Position

Adopt proactive strategies, prevent competitors in order to gain a strong position in the market at international level.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Prevent Future Conflicts

Think holistic from the beginning and avoid any future conflicts or litigations not nationally but internationally.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Protect Market Entry

Secure market entry and increase your market share with your new technology worldwide.

Large Network of Patent Professionals to Protect Your Invention 

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Innovative Solutions  

At Invention Academy, we adopt innovative solutions to ensure the filing of your PCT applications is done in line with your strategic market planning.

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Cost-effective Services     

We follow smart and creative methodologies to keep your costs under control and provide tailor-made services and cost-effective solutions for you.

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Short-time Process 

Using our experience and procedural knowledge, you can accelerated your PCT application processing and get your PCT Applications granted quicker.

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Customizable Solutions

Our experts help you manage your patent assets and assist you in every step of your business strategy with tailored services made for your business.

Countries We Cover in PCT National Phase

Invention Academy - Canada
Invention Academy - France
Invention Academy - Germany
Invention Academy - Morocco
Invention Academy - Spain
Invention Academy - USA

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