Curriculum Features

The next world-changing breakthrough could come from you. With our high-quality, yet tailored programs, you can invent and be creative in what you are passionate about.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy

Curriculum Design Philosophy 

We are dedicated to help people overcome their lack of knowledge and skills, and provide them with high-quality and state-of-art technology, education and methodologies to be competent and professional in the technological field they want to invent in.

Invention Academy

Learning Philosophy :

We Combine Theory & Practice with Market Intelligence

An idea is the first step toward any invention. Nothing will happen without an idea because it is a critical and valuable step in the innovation process. However, it will not be monetarily valuable if it is not a patentable and protected idea.

The mission of Invention Academy is to help inventors and Innovators acquire tools and means necessary to bring their ideas into the competitive patent market. Our curricula are designed by specialized instructional designers to help you invent in the technological fields you are interested in.

Invention Academy

From Idea to Patent

You will learn how to develop your idea into valuable patent and be able to compete with fierce competition from R&D institutions, businesses, universities and independent inventors…

Invention Academy

Market Intelligence 

You will be able to understand your patent landscape, see its future trends and be a successful inventor in your domain. 

Invention Academy

Creativity & Innovation

You will have the ability to invent and innovate in the technological domain you like and be innovative and competitive in the specific market sector you are interested in.

Invention Academy

Theory and Practice 

At Invention Academy, we give you the tools and methodologies to create the technology of tomorrow.

Tailored Course Programs:

Innovative Learning Experience Fit for Your Level

Our innovative learning methods make the Institute unique and successful. Our educational methods equip students with a high-level, comprehensive, and practical learning experience. Courses has been designed by specialized instructional designers to meet the qualifications of each student and learning plans meet the needs of student in terms of both content and learning methods :

  • The S plan targets students with no High school diploma.   

  • The H plan is intended for students with High school diploma.

  • The U Plan concerns students with an academic degree in a scientific or technological domain.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy

Training Lab:

Practical Training Labs & Real-World Projects   

Our pedagogical methodology is project-based, each theoretical course is followed by a lab to apply the new concepts, knowledge and skills you have learned.

We use various programs in our labs: EDA tools, CAD/CAM programs, IDEs and simulation software. To ensure the best and effective learning experience possible, we would recommend that students should consider the following minimum requirements for their hardware:

Invention Academy - Curriculum Features

Operating Systems  

Windows 7 64-bit,  Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later

Invention Academy - Curriculum Features



Invention Academy - Curriculum Features

Internet Speed

Minimum of 512kbps

Invention Academy - Curriculum Features


Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.
Chrome 46 and 47.
Safari 8 and 9.
Firefox 42 and 43 (Extended Releases are not supported).

Invention Academy - Curriculum Features

Computer Speed & Processor

Quad-core Intel/AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster.  
NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher.

Invention 101

Learn the skills, knowledge and tools you need to become a professional and creative inventor. 

Countries We Cover in PCT National Phase

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