SIQF Framework

The Specialist Inventor Qualification Framework (SIQF).

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Specialist Inventor Qualification Framework

Specialist Inventor Qualification Framework (SIQF) is the policy for regulating learning pathways and training packages in order to qualify student to be able to invent and innovate in a specific market sector. SIQF was created by invention Academy to provide an integrated policy to enable the organization and administration of learning outcomes for each learning pathway, to link between requirements for qualification and student pathways and to assist students to move easily and readily between different learning pathways, training sectors and market sectors where they want to invent and innovate. The framework also aims to ensure the quality assurance of education and training and their alignment with technology development and needs of market sectors.

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Artificial Intelligence

To implement SIQF in E-learning, Invention Academy uses Artificial Intelligence to predict your level in order to improve your performance and to provide educational content adapted to your level. Artificial Intelligence adapts the educational content to your specific needs and progress as well as providing recommendations to teachers and mentors on activities, assignments and content appropriate for you in order to improve your learning experience.

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Training Package

The training package specifies the body of knowledge, skills and habits a student must demonstrate in order to be qualified to invent and innovate in a specific market sector. Training packages also detail how activities and tasks are employed in designing training material in consistency with SIQF.

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When you perform the required tasks according to methodologies on which you have been trained, this will lead to the development of a pattern, when repeated, you will acquire a habit which will enhance your ability to think and work in an innovative and creative way.


When you complete a training package or a set of training packages, this means that you have accomplished an achievement. Therefore, the fulfillment of an achievement implies accomplishment of all tasks related to the training package, all activities you have performed and all habits you have acquired.


Activities are a set of works supporting student's educational development. The aim of all activities is to improve your understanding and develop your skills and effectiveness in a specific domain. Activities are core elements in the active learning which foster student's positive participation in the learning process.


Skill is the ability to do something correctly and accurately over a given period of time. Mastering a skill is related to knowledge, experience and habits you acquired in carrying out the activities, tasks and projects assigned to you. Skills improve student's ability to solve problems and develop innovative solutions.


A set of works assigned to student to be completed outside the regular course period. They may include homeworks, researches, projects based on active learning and aim to improve your understanding of learning material, as well as to develop your skills and creative abilities.


Reward is one of the important tools of motivation and gamification in the learning process adopted in our curricula, you earn rewards as you progress in acquisition of new skills. Characteristics and badges are some types of rewards, but grading is a measurement tool.

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