Technology Analysis

We help you discover innovation trends, uncover potentially emerging technologies and identify key players and competitors for faster & more informed decisions.

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Discover the Future of Your Technology Landscape

We cover a wide spectrum of Technology Industry, we give you 360° insight into your specific technology field. 

Get Direct Insight into Your Technology Field

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Strategic Advice

Get strategic advice regarding best practices to protect your patent assets and guide your R&D strategies and decision-making.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Technology Trends

Learn about the existing technology and the market trend in the domain of your concern and get insights about new emerging technologies.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Competitive Intelligence

Create better business strategies using our competitive intelligence analysis in your target technology field.

Invention Academy - Invention Licensing

Gap Analysis

Benefit from gap analysis to identify the future potential research areas and take informed decisions for your future R&D.

Tailored Services for Your Key Strategic Activities

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Technology Expertise  

We have high skilled technology consultants in different technology fields to help you, advise you & guide you to choose the right strategy to protect your patent assets.

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Effective Working Process     

Our working process is fast & efficient conducted by qualified experts in accordance with high standards of IP industry & commitment to provide best services to our clients. 

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Visual & Easy Reporting 

We provide easy-to-use reports designed to speed up the review process and allow you to have a clear vision of your technology field in order to make informed decisions for your business.

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Data Security & Confidentiality

All our experts and researchers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, we maintain all the communications with you secure and we keep all conveyed information confidential.

Countries We Cover in PCT National Phase

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